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HIP 2.0: Myth vs. Facts

Separating Myths and Facts about HIP 2.0

As he has in the past, Governor Pence continues to support the full repeal of Obamacare and the block granting of the Medicaid program to the states. Governor Pence did not setup a state exchange under Obamacare and he has refused to expand the traditional Medicaid program.

Governor Pence has said since before he was elected he would only consider an expansion of coverage in Indiana if it could be done using a program similar to the Healthy Indiana Plan and in a fiscally responsible manner.

The HIP 2.0 proposal meets both of those standards.

States cannot wait until Washington fixes the health care system. States are on the front lines and we have to use local solutions to address the problems of the people we serve.

Governor Pence’s plan represents the most conservative plan to reform Medicaid. Absent Governor Pence’s leadership on this issue, HIP’s consumer driven and conservative principles would have ended. We now we have an opportunity to expand HIP’s conservative, innovative and proven design as a replacement to traditional Medicaid.

HIP 2.0 preserves the core principles of the original HIP plan and keeps tax dollars in Indiana to improve the health and well-being of its citizens through a proven and highly successful program that encourages consumerism and personal responsibility.

Since the public announcement of HIP 2.0, there have been some misinformation and mischaracterizations about the proposal. In an effort to ensure clarity and accuracy about the HIP 2.0 proposal, we are offering the following responses to claims made about the program in the articles referenced below.