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Volunteer opportunities

Logansport State Hospital has volunteers that provide valuable contributions throughout the year to the clients we serve. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities including:

  • Plan/organize parties or special event(s) for a unit
  • Provide support and/or donations for active treatment programs
  • Christmas gift lift program – The Christmas gift lift program is completely donation based and volunteer driven. It is provided for the clients to receive at least three gifts each on Christmas day. Volunteers sort and wrap each gift individually based on the client’s Christmas gift wish list.
  • Various volunteer special performances (i.e., singing choir groups, small bands, and etc.)
  • Patient friend-to-friend program - The purpose of Logansport State Hospital’s ‘patient-friend’ program is to provide socialization opportunities through positive, therapeutic relationships between people in the community and patients in our hospital. Individual friends provide the greatest value to patients through personal contact with people outside the normal staff-patient relationship. Although the ideal situation would entail an individual volunteer ‘friend’ matched with an individual patient (to enhance personal contact), organizations are not discouraged from participating since they also play a valuable role in the program. The primary activity to accomplish this purpose is the matching of our patients with community ‘friends’ to meet individually selected patients’ needs. The patient’s treatment team and individualized treatment plan will assist in determining these relational needs. The focus of this program will be geared toward a direct patient benefit from relational and communication skills development, socialization and increased self-esteem.

For more information on volunteering opportunities please call the Director of Community Engagement, Mike Busch at 574-737-3612.