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The Logansport State Hospital Social Services Department has a long standing and rich tradition of welcoming social services interns. We offer opportunities for both the 3-4 month internship, as well as the longer 8-12 month experience. The Social Services Department welcomes both the bachelors and masters level students. Some but not all of the learning opportunities include:

  • Participating in new employee training
  • Participating with a multi-disciplinary treatment team
  • Learning how to document patient notes, treatment plans and assessments
  • Training in the area and participating in active treatment groups. These groups address a wide range of mental health and substance abuse disorders
  • Learning overall concepts about the mental health system including Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services and Community Mental Health Centers
  • Attending administrative meetings to learn about the hospitals policies and procedures

All social service intern inquiries are encouraged to contact the social services director at (574) 737-3799.