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Treatment Teams

Evansville Psychiatric Children’s Center believes that it is crucial for the parent(s) or guardian(s) and other family members of our children to be involved and invested in their recovery. EPCC incorporates families into every aspect of our children’s treatment, which can include treatment planning, therapy sessions and Common Sense Parenting classes, in order to ensure success long after the child leaves EPCC.

There are many individuals involved in helping EPCC’s children on their journey to recovery. The child’s treatment team consists of the parent(s) or guardian(s), the gatekeeper liaison, our board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, the child’s EPCC therapist, recreation therapist /case manager, the nurse, occupational therapist, school teacher and behavioral health recovery attendant.

This team of stakeholders in the child’s recovery meet weekly to review progress and how to carry out EPCC’s mission to Resolve Needs, Build Strength. The team also meets monthly to discuss the child’s treatment plan. The treatment team focuses on treatment goals and discharge planning throughout the child’s stay.