1. I need help, where do I start?

    Call the community mental health center in your area. Providers have 24-hour answered telephone lines and can answer questions in an emergency or during normal business hours. You can find a list of providers in your area using the map provided on this site.

  2. How do I get Substance Abuse services if I have a court order to get treatment?

    Call the provider of your choice to discuss treatment options and costs. Providers who offer Substance Abuse services are listed on this site. Visit the provider map to find one convenient to where you live or work.

  3. How do I know if I am eligible for services?

    Eligibility under the Hoosier Assurance Plan (HAP) is based on income levels and family size. Your local mental health center will assist you in determining this eligibility. If you are not eligible for assistance under HAP, there are other forms of assistance that may be available to you. Please do not let questions about your ability to pay for services stand in the way of seeking treatment.

  4. Will I have to pay for my treatment? How much will it cost?

    You may have a co-pay for services. Your costs will be determined by your eligibility for assistance under the Hoosier Assurance Plan (HAP). The amount will vary based on your ability to pay, which is determined by a combination of factors including your income and family size. For more information about HAP, click here.

  5. How do I get admitted to a state hospital?

    State hospital services are reserved for those in most need of protection and hospital based services. All admissions to state hospitals must be made through a mental health center.

  6. Are state hospitals free for Hoosiers? What are the associated costs?

    State hospitals do charge for services; however, services are not withheld based upon an inability to pay. No one is refused admission or care in a state hospital because of financial difficulties. The costs for treatment in a state hospital depend on which hospital you are in as well as the particular services you receive. The daily statutory rates range from $293-485/per day. Many of these costs are met with federal and state money, Medicaid/Medicare funds, patient co-pay, and/or private insurance coverage. The out-of-pocket costs for you or your loved one may be only a fraction of this amount. Please talk with your service provider concerning your financial circumstances and remember that inability to pay is never an issue for state hospital admissions.

  7. How can I get my loved one into a treatment program if he/she refuses to seek it but is too impaired to live safely on their own?

    In this case, work with your local treatment provider. They are skilled at engaging individuals that are resistant to treatment. If a person is so impaired that they present a danger to themselves or to others then court ordered state hospitalization may be needed.

  8. Who do I call if I have a problem or complaint?

    If you are having a problem getting the service you need or have a complaint about your service provider call the DMHA consumer service line at 1-800-901-1133.