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School based mental health services

In the fall of 2018, the Division of Mental Health and Addiction conducted an assessment of school-based mental health services provided by the 24 local Community Mental Health Centers. The assessment asked for the following information:

  • Agency Name
  • County Served
  • School District(s)/Corporation(s) Served
  • School Name(s)
  • Number of Masters and Bachelors Level Providers
  • Frequency of presence at school(s)
  • Service(s) Provided
  • Funding Source(s)

The goal of the assessment is to gain a baseline of current school-based mental health services, including the level of partnership and collaboration between schools and CMHCs.

The first step in analyzing the data that was submitted was to show the number of schools in which CMHCs have a presence. The DMHA School-Based Behavioral Health Programs map was developed and shared with CMHCs and other state-level stakeholders.