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Now hiring at the NDI!

The NeuroDiagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center, Indiana’s newest state psychiatric hospital, will open in the spring of 2019, and is currently hiring management and staff nurses, social workers, behavioral health recovery attendants, recreational therapists and many other positions across the hospital.

The NDI is undergoing final construction on the campus of Community East Hospital in Indianapolis. Upon opening, it will be operated in partnership with Community Health Network and will be a key component in the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s initiative to modernize and reengineer Indiana’s network of state-operated mental health facilities.

The NDI is now recruiting for the following clinical positions:

Behavioral Health Recovery Attendant

BHRAs assist with nursing programs as assigned, performing a variety of tasks associated with the daily care and treatment of adult and/or pediatric patients. BHRAs work under the clinical supervision of a licensed nurse to provide patient care, helping patients with their physical and emotional needs. The NDI is recruiting BHRAs for youth and/or adult units. The primary shift we are hiring for is 12.5 hour shifts for overnights, three nights a week.

Charge Nurse

The Charge Nurse directs and coordinates patient care and clinical supervision of Behavioral Health Recovery Attendants on evening/night shifts and can work with adults and/or pediatric patients. The Charge Nurse assumes responsibility for the ongoing assessment of each patient’s physical and psychosocial status from admission to discharge. This position requires the performance of complete nursing care for patients with a wide range of medical diagnoses and varying degrees of illness. Nursing positions will work 12.5 hour shifts three times a week.

Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician performs a variety of tasks in the pharmacy to assure the correct medications are delivered to the right patient at the right time and all necessary records are completed according to State and Federal laws and regulations. This position is also responsible for the medication distribution tasks of filling unit orders, selecting medications, filling automated dispensing cabinets and maintaining patient records by accurately entering and updating patient information.

Rehabilitation Therapist

The Rehabilitation Therapist will develop and implement rehabilitation therapy program services that are intended to improve the physical health, cognitive abilities and social functioning of patients. The rehabilitation therapist will conduct programming during weekday and some evening hours, maintain a therapeutic environment that is conducive to implementing active treatment, document patient activities and progress, and create therapy goals for patients based on their needs.

Anyone interested applying for or learning more about opportunities at the NDI should contact Scott McNeil, state personnel recruiter, at SMcneil@spd.in.gov  or (317) 618-2967