Application Process

IMPORTANT: Please have all of the documents listed below ready before you begin the application process because you will NOT be able to save the application once you start. You must complete the application in one sitting or you will have to start over from the beginning.

The loan repayment assistance application process has been updated to electronic submission for 2017 and will be available online on March 1, 2017. Only applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will gain access to the application. ONLY electronic submissions of applications received by 11:59 PM on May 1, 2017 will be considered. (No mail-ins, faxed or drop-off applications will be accepted).

Before you start the application process please make sure to save all documentation to be uploaded in .pdf format and using this naming convention (first 4 letters of your surname + the first 4 letters of your first name and the last four of your social) i.e., Jonathan Smith would be (smitjona1234). In case either of your names is short it must be 8 characters + last 4 of your social.

Examples: Benjamin May (maybenja1234), Ned Masbaum (masbaned1234), Dee Dee Wu (wudeedee1234)

The application consists of the following parts with examples of how to name the documents for uploading

  • Signed Terms of Service Agreement
  • Applicant information
  • Employer verification form (smitjona1234_evf.pdf)
  • Letter of recommendation or official offer of employment from applicant’s employer (smitjona1234_ltr.pdf)
  • loan account statement(s) for each loan from applicant’s lender (smitjona1234_lvnavient.pdf, smitjona1234_lvfedloan.pdf, smitjona1234_lvnelnet.pdf, smitjona1234_lvgreatlakes.pdf)
  • loan verification release form for each lender
    Only one release form is needed for consolidated loans with the same account number.
  • Resume including your employment and educational history, professional affiliations or achievements (smitjona1234_res.pdf)
  • Personal statement highlighting why you chose public service, your accomplishments and commitment to continued public service (smitjona1234_per.pdf)
  • Submission of transcripts (smitjona1234_trans.pdf)