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Community Access Sites

To apply for High Fidelity Wraparound, click here to find the contact information for your local Access Site. The Access Site will provide you with an assessment.

The DMHA-approved, community-based access site is considered the single point of service access and information for youth, families and providers who are in need of resources related to intensive, community-based wraparound services. The access site serves as a means to disseminate information to the field about local, state and federal funded intensive behavioral health services available to assist in maintaining SED youth within their home and community; and also provides a means for families to explore their youth’s eligibility for those services. Each access site provides the following functions for the System of Care region/area it serves.

  • Local resource for providers and families needing information about the full-array of services available to SED youth within the SOC area/region.
  • Distribute information about potential state and federal funded intensive community-based wraparound services available for youth and families.
  • Point of access for referrals and families seeking treatment alternatives to PRTF/SOF levels of care.
  • Assist in determining youth/family eligibility for state or federally funded community-based wraparound services.
  • Assist in the recruitment of DMHA-certified service providers of intensive community-based wraparound services.
  • Remain knowledgeable about and compliant with state and federally funded service programming policy, procedure and state expectations for the Access Site role in assisting youth and families in accessing the community-based wraparound services.


High Fidelity Wraparound Access Site Policy
The updated High Fidelity Wraparound Access Site Policy has been released and goes into effect on November 17, 2018. Please review the policy by clicking here to ensure compliance.

One major update is the specifications related to the System of Care endorsement letter. Each endorsement letter must indicate that the local SOC’s governance council membership includes representation from at minimum the following groups: youth and family, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and education.

To ensure that letters contain all necessary information and appropriate signatures, the Division of Mental Health and Addiction is requiring that SOC’s Governance Council’s use the template that is available by clicking here.

Also, in previous communications it was noted that all HFW access site plans will be due 90 days after the release of the updated policy. This means that if you have not already submitted your plan, it will be due to DMHA no later than January 21, 2019. This due date supersedes any previously announced dates. All HFW access sites plans are due by this date, but can be submit any time prior. Plans and/or questions regarding the updated policy should be submitted to DMHAYouthServices@fssa.in.gov or tanya.merritt-mulamba@fssa.in.gov.

If you have already submitted your access site plan, please know that DMHA is reviewing those documents and will be responding to you in the very near future.

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