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This is a forum for the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Youth Services to deliver providers and agencies announcements regarding upcoming events, new policies, service programs and other information that may impact the state's intensive alternative community-based service programs, providers or service delivery.

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Current Announcements

Child Mental Health Wraparound provider announcements (May 15, 2020)

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Incident report announcement

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction has made some significant changes to the initial incident report and follow-up incident report processes. These changes impact all CMHW providers. Please review this announcement, along with all supporting documents and links in its entirety. Changes to the initial incident report are effective February 1, 2020. Changes to the follow-up report process are effective January 20, 2020.

Initial incident reports changes

  • Removed serious injury as a reportable incident
  • Removed emergency room as a reportable incident
  • Modified when an incident report must be completed due to police response

Please see the linked document, which details the current list of reportable incident types. This list should be used as an addendum to the CMHW Provider Module Section 11 which does not currently reflect these changes. All other processes regarding initial incident reporting, including who should submit reports, the timeframe in which reports should be submitted and how to submit an initial incident report remain unchanged.

Follow-up Incident Report Changes
Based on the circumstances of the initial incident report, DMHA may require a Wraparound Facilitator to submit a follow-up incident report. Currently follow-up incident reports are submitted at the following website https://dmhareport.fssa.in.gov/. Effective January 20, 2020, follow-up incident reports will no longer be submitted through this webpage. Follow-up incident reports will instead be submitted directly from within Tobi. Please see the linked document which details the new process for submitting a follow-up incident report.

If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact Tanya Merritt-Mulamba at tanya.merritt-mulamba@fssa.in.gov or 317-232-7889.

Billing and claims for CMHW services

Providers needing assistance with CMHW claims issues should follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Contact Ken Guth of DXC at Ken.Guth@DXC.com.  You will need to provide only the ICN/s (Individual Claim Number/s).  ICN/s are unique, are not protected health information (PHI), and do not require secure email.  (Any PHI must be sent in a HIPAA compliant manner.)  With them, Mr. Guth will be able to look up the claim and investigate the reason/s for denial.
  2. Mr. Guth will either resolve the claim issue with the provider, or refer the provider to the DMHA database (Tobi) helpdesk.
  3. The provider will need to submit a ticket to the Tobi helpdesk using the instructions found here.
  4. When submitting the ticket, please include the ICN and any additional information from Mr. Guth.
  5. The Tobi helpdesk support team will work with the provider, DMHA, DXC, and the Wraparound Facilitator if necessary to resolve the issue.

Questions regarding this may be sent to the provider specialist at Julie.Bandy@fssa.in.gov.