Youth & Family Information

The State is committed to assisting families in finding the services and supports that will meet the mental health and/or substance abuse needs of their child within their own community. Resources and information provided on this website are intended to assist in connecting youth and families with the information and supports they may need to begin their treatment journey.

Our vision for youth and families seeking behavioral health services in their community includes the following:

The System of Care Governance for the state of Indiana will provide leadership, policy recommendations, and technical assistance to support communities in the development and sustainability of their local system of care.

Communities will . . .
• Feel empowered to develop a collaborative system of care that meets the unique mental illness and substance use treatment and support needs of their families. Each community’s system of care will be built upon a foundation of family strengths, local provider expertise and community resources.

• Create a coordinated, comprehensive network of services and supports that are youth-guided and family-driven, easily accessed and uniquely tailored to meet the needs and preferences of youth and families.

Families will . . .
• Believe they can easily access mental illness and substance use treatment and support services that are provided in a cohesive, coordinated way that reduces service silos between providers, addresses and works to eliminate experiences of isolation and increases hope for the future.

• Feel important, valued, understood and an integral part of their family member’s journey of care.

Youth will . . .
• Feel fully engaged in leading their plans to wellness.

• Know about, seek and receive community-based services and supports that are available to meet their challenges, enhance their strengths and improve the quality of their lives.