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The Director of Psychological Services is Dr. Toni Gesler.

Psychological Services staff at Richmond State Hospital provide:

  • counseling
  • group and individual psychotherapy
  • psychological evaluation
  • behavioral programming
  • psychoeducational and skills training groups
  • consultation

Some of our staff are especially interested in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other "third wave" behavior therapies which incorporate mindfulness and acceptance strategies. We are using these approaches not only with individuals with borderline personality disorder but also with individuals experiencing difficulties with substance abuse, psychotic symptoms and emotion regulation problems.

Psychology staff include:

  • Full time psychologists
  • Part time psychologists
  • Full time behavioral clinicians and several part time behavioral clinicians
  • Behavioral consultant

Psychologists receive extensive graduate training and supervised experience prior to being licensed. A doctoral degree, typically a "Ph.D." or "Psy.D.," is required. Clinical and Counseling psychologists are experts in human behavior, both normal and abnormal. They have studied biological bases of behavior, human development, personality, psychopathology (mental and behavioral disorders), assessment and treatment. After 4-5 years of graduate school psychologists do a year-long internship plus a minimum of an additional year of supervised experience prior to being eligible for licensure. Licensure requires passing an exam in addition to the required training and experience.

Behavioral Clinicians are trained at the Masters level. They work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist and provide a full range of psychological services.

Additional information about the practice of psychology can be found at American Psychological Association . See Psychology: Scientific Problem Solvers-- Careers for the 21st Century for career information.