Co-occurring Disorders

The term co-occurring disorders (COD) refers to occurring substance-related and mental disorders. Consumers said to have COD have one or more substance-related disorders as well as one or more mental disorders. It is important to know if co-occurring disorders exist because symptoms of each disorder can agitate the other. If co-occurring disorders go unrecognized the consumer’s quality of life will continue to diminish and full recovery will be difficult to attain.

Integrated services provide the best chance for recovery for consumers’ with co-occurring disorders. With integrated services, one clinician or treatment team provides services for both disorders at the same time. For optimal results there should be one treatment plan addressing both substance abuse and mental health needs. The ultimate goal of integrated services is to ensure that the consumer receives all services necessary for their recovery.

Integrated services do not require services to be provided by a single program; services may be offered by different programs and/or clinicians at different locations. Effectiveness depends on the coordination of services.

Contact Information:
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Program Director - Gambling Treatment, Co-occurring Disorders & Forensic Projects
Division of Mental Health & Addiction
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