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SNAP supplement for children under age 6

All benefits for the 22/23 school year for children under 6 have been issued. Because the Federal Public Health Emergency has ended, PEBT has also ended.  Children under 6 are not eligible for Summer PEBT.

Who is eligible for SNAP supplemental benefits for children under 6? 

  • For the 22/23 “school year”: Children who were under age 6 in a household that received SNAP benefits any time between August, 2022 and May 11, 2023 (only eligible for the months in which the child was under age 6 AND receiving SNAP). Please see estimated issuance dates below.
  • If they live in the area of a school that is closed or operating with a virtual or hybrid schedule

Important changes for 22/23 for children under 6

  • All eligibility for children under 6 ends with the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency, which ended May 11, 2023
  • Based on federal requirements in the Omnibus Bill signed in December 2022, because the Federal PHE ended 5/11/2023, children under 6 are not be eligible for Summer PEBT.

Do we have to apply?

No. DFR will identify all children under 6 who are or have been enrolled in a SNAP household during the eligibility period. In addition, DFR will:

  • Identify the ZIP code of residence for each SNAP eligible child under age 6
  • Determine whether any school in the same ZIP code is closed or offering virtual learning to its students for each month from September 2022 through May 11, 2023:
    • If the state identifies at least one such school that is closed or offering virtual learning, SNAP enrolled children under age six will receive a supplemental benefit equal to the average statewide P-EBT benefit for school children for each month that they are eligible.
    • An eligible child is a child who is: Under 6 and on SNAP in a month and who did not receive school age PEBT.  A child may be eligible in one month and not in another. Benefits are only issued for eligible months.
      Example 1: Child is 5 and on SNAP in the month of September and October, 2022. Child is eligible for the benefit in September and October. SNAP closes at the end of October, so child is no longer eligible in November.
      Example 2: Child is 5 and on SNAP September through December. Child turns 6 on January 25. Child is eligible for benefit September-January, and is not eligible in February.
Benefit Period Benefit amount per eligible month ESTIMATED Issuance month
September - December 2022 $33.53 per eligible month April 27, 2023
January - May 11, 2023

January – April 2023 monthly benefit amount = $39.17
May 2023 monthly benefit amount = $19.58

June 11, 2023
October - December 2020   March 2021
January - March 2021   May 31, 2021
April - June 2021   July 30, 2021
July - September 2021   October 2021
September - December 2021 $36.41 for each eligible month November 4, 2022
January - May 2022 $41.20 for each eligible month November 4, 2022
Summer issuance 2022   August 1, 2022

For those who are no longer on SNAP and will require a card be mailed, please allow 3 weeks for card receipt.

Who can tell me if my child will receive SNAP supplement for children under 6 assistance?

If your child meets the eligibility criteria above, they will receive this supplemental benefit.

How much will my child receive?

SNAP enrolled children under age 6 will receive a supplemental benefit equal to the average statewide supplemental benefit issued to school children for each eligible month.

When will I receive the benefits?

Please refer to the issuance schedule above.

Will each child receive the same amount of benefit?

No, each child will receive the monthly average for each month during the quarter that the child was under age 6 and receiving SNAP benefits.

Are the supplemental benefits going to be deposited on the SNAP/TANF EBT card?

Yes, the benefits will be issued on the active EBT card for households currently receiving SNAP benefits. A new EBT card will be mailed to those households that were enrolled during the period but are currently not receiving SNAP. This new EBT card will be issued in each eligible child’s name.

These cards should be activated using the date of birth for the child named on the card and all zeros for the social security number.