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Fall P-EBT information and FAQs

If you are parents/guardians of a student at any of the following schools under the School City of Mishawaka district, then there is a possibility that your student may have been incorrectly submitted as eligible for P-EBT benefits. We have received the information on these students and have taken immediate action to de-activate these P-EBT cards making them unusable. Thus, if you attempt to activate a P-EBT card and are informed that the account/card has been de-activated, it is due to this correction.

Letter from School City of Mishawaka

  • Fred J. Hums Elementary School
  • Mishawaka High School
  • John J Young Middle School
  • Battell Elementary School
  • Beiger Elementary School
  • Emmons Elementary School
  • Lasalle Elementary School
  • Twin Branch Elementary School

Fall Pandemic EBT Benefits

Division of Family Resources has taken measures to help Hoosiers feed their families during the coronavirus pandemic. Round II P-EBT issuance for the 2020-2021 school year has new eligibility conditions for student participation. DFR contacted all Indiana schools requesting a roster of all eligible students. School participation was voluntary for round II P-EBT issuance.

What is P-EBT/ Who is eligible for P-EBT?

P-EBT was authorized by the Families First Corona Virus Response Act. The purpose of P-EBT is to provide food assistance to families with children who would have received free or reduced lunch while attending school but are not in school due to COVID-19 restrictions. This benefit is available only to families with children enrolled in an Indiana school, and were eligible for free or reduced lunch or the school is a Community Eligibility Provision participant. The student must have participated in virtual learning, was in quarantine, or was out of school due to illness for at least 5 consecutive school days, or schools had a delayed start or school closure due to COVID-19 of 5 consecutive days or more.

Do we have to apply?

No. Schools were asked to report to DFR all eligible students (see above eligibility criteria). Participation in the P-EBT program was voluntary for schools. P-EBT cards will be mailed to the address provided by the school. Mailing of P-EBT cards will begin mid-October. Card will arrive via mail with instructions on how to use the card.

The second issuance of P-EBT will be issued to individuals who meet the following conditions:

  • Eligible for free/reduced lunch in August/September 2020 AND;
  • Virtual learning for 5 consecutive days or more OR;
  • Absent due to quarantine for 5 consecutive days or more OR;
  • Absent due to illness for 5 consecutive days or more OR;
  • Delayed start or school closure due to COVID-19 of 5 consecutive days or more AND;
  • Verification of eligible days was submitted to FSSA Division of Family Resources by the school attended.

Did my child’s school participate in the fall P-EBT issuance?

The link below is the listing of schools

  • We will include town and zip code to clarify schools in an update.
  • Any duplicate schools listed do not reflect a duplication of funding.
  • P-EBT was an opt-in, voluntary program for schools.  Schools were not required to submit any students.
  • The list is mostly comprised of schools but may include school corporations as well since data was accepted at multiple levels.

Who can tell me if my child will receive P-EBT benefits?

Students eligible for P-EBT will receive a P-EBT card in the mail by November 30.

When will I receive the benefits?

P-EBT cards are expected to start mailing mid-October and conclude by November 30.

How much will a student receive for P-EBT Benefits?

The benefit amount is determined by the school based upon the number of days the Student participated in virtual learning, was in quarantine, or was out of school due to illness for at least 5 consecutive school days or the school had a delayed start or closure for 5 consecutive days or more. Individual eligibility was calculated by determining number of days eligible (based on above conditions) x $5.86 (USDA approved daily amount for free breakfast and lunch).

Will each student receive the same P-EBT benefit amount?

No. Student eligibility is calculated based on the number of educational days missed by each student.

Each eligible student will receive a P-EBT card mailed to the home address.

Do you have the correct mailing address and the number of children that are in the household?

The mailing address for the P-EBT card and number of eligible children was provided by the school. This is the information used to issue the P-EBT benefits.

Are P-EBT Benefits going to be deposited on the SNAP/TANF EBT card?

No. The fall issuance of P-EBT benefits will not be issued on the active EBT card for SNAP and/or TANF recipients. A P. EBT card will be mailed for each eligible student in the household.

I have not received my card.

Cards for fall P-EBT issuance will start arriving in the mail mid October with all cards received by November 30.

Can I verify the address on file to ensure the card is being sent to the correct location?

The mailing address for the P-EBT card is the addressed provided to DFR by the student’s school.

Does this program apply to children in Head start, preschool or homeschooled children?

No, only those students enrolled in Kindergarten-grade 12 are eligible.