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When will eligible households receive benefits?

Eligible households that are not already certified to receive SNAP and will have a monthly gross income of less than $150 AND less than $100 in cash/checking/savings in the month of application, or have monthly housing costs that exceed their gross monthly income and cash/checking/savings for the month of application will receive benefits within seven days from the date of application. Other households will receive notification of determination within thirty days from the date of application.

This chart shows the dates when SNAP recipients receive benefits, based on the first letter of the recipient’s last name. The recipient is the person whose name appears on the front of the Hoosier Works (EBT) card.

Recipient's last name starts with: Deposit date:
A/B 5th
C/D 7th
E/F/G 9th
H/I 11th
J/K/L 13th
M/N 15th
O/P/Q/R 17th
S 19th
T/U/V 21st
W/X/Y/Z 23rd

To apply for benefits, please CLICK HERE and select your county for details.