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Hoosier Healthwise Health Care Program

Hoosier Healthwise (HHW) is the State of Indiana's health care program for children and pregnant women with low income. Based on family income, children up to age 19 may be eligible for coverage. HHW covers medical care like doctor visits, prescription medicine, mental health care, dental care, hospitalizations, surgeries and family planning at little or no cost to the member or the member's family.

Pregnant and uninsured?
Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women (PEPW) is the state’s short-term health care option for low-income women who are pregnant and are applying for Medicaid. The process covers the cost of important prenatal care while waiting for Medicaid approval.

Indiana Health Coverage Programs
For more information about Hoosier Healthwise, Presumptive Eligibility and other Indiana health coverage programs, please visit Indiana Medicaid.