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As a client of Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services, you are now a part of a team focused on your employment goals. VR has a list of employment service providers located throughout the state. These providers will help you achieve your goals by giving you the supports and services you need—things like help with writing a resume, filling out applications, or on-the-job coaching.

Once your counselor has determined you are eligible for services, you have the opportunity to select an employment provider in your area. On the linked page, you will find the employment providers in your county along with their contact information and a list of services they offer.

Be sure to ask your VR counselor if you do not know what some of the services are. The services you need will depend on your goals. You may not need all of the services you see listed on the chart.

We encourage you to contact each of the providers on this list. You can call them, set up a meeting, or send an email. Tell them you are a VR client and you would like to talk with them about the services that they offer. Take notes so you can compare providers and choose the one that is right for you. It is important to select the provider you feel most comfortable working with and the one that you think can best help you meet your goals.

Once you have chosen an employment provider, tell your VR counselor. They will get things started for you. Click here to view providers.

Community Rehabilitation Provider Pick List