Provider Enrollment Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to begin the process of enrolling as an Indiana First Steps Provider.

Determine your Early Intervention (EI) Role

  • Entry level qualification for each EI role can be found in the Indiana First Steps Early Intervention Personnel Guide.
  • You will also need to determine whether you will need to enroll as an independent provider, a provider with a multi-disciplinary agency or with a SPOE.
  • Questions regarding entry level qualifications can be sent to

Determine your Service Area

  • First view a map of the Clusters and Service Areas throughout the state.
  • If enrolling as an independent provider, you will need to decide which Service Area(s) to provide services in.
  • If enrolling with a multi-disciplinary agency, you can find contact information for the agencies providing services in each of the Service Areas.
  • If enrolling as a service coordinator, you can find contact information for the SPOE office in each Cluster.

Contact a multi-disciplinary agency or SPOE office (independent providers skip to next step)

  • Providers (unless otherwise stated in the Personnel Guide) need to be employed by or contracted with an already established multi-disciplinary agency before continuing with enrollment.
  • Service Coordinators need to be employed by a SPOE before continuing with enrollment.

Complete Provider Enrollment Checklist

Submit Checklist and Supporting Documentation for Enrollment

  • Documents with ORIGINAL SIGNATURES must be mailed to Provider Enrollment for initial enrollment.
  • Questions regarding forms or enrollment can be direct to Provider Enrollment at 1-866-339-9595 Option 2 and/or email (