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Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation presents #Work4LifeIN, a campaign to bring awareness about the importance of employment for individuals with disabilities throughout the state. Employment experiences are a key factor in the future success and independence of young people as they prepare to leave high school. However, youth with disabilities often face significant challenges when seeking employment opportunities. Youth with disabilities need employers and other adults in their community who will guide them to see what work they can do for their life and give them opportunities that will help them reach their full employment potential. Please join us in spreading the word that Hoosiers with disabilities are ready and able to work!

Follow @IndianaVR and join the #Work4LifeIN campaign

Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation is teaming up with the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services, The Arc of Indiana, Indiana Institute of Disability and Community, INAPSE, INARF, INSOURCE, Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities, HANDS in Autism, Outside the Box, Autism Society of Indiana, Adult and Child, schools, and many other key partners to drive a social media campaign, #Work4LifeIN. This campaign is an opportunity for young people with disabilities to tell Indiana why working is important to them and how it improves the quality of their life. Everyone wants to be a part of their community by giving back through their talents.

There are no better voices than those of individuals with disabilities who are working or are interested in work. It’s easy to be part of #Work4LifeIN!

Download and print the #Work4LifeIN card below, take a photo or video with the card in front of you and then post it with the #Work4LifeIN hashtag to Twitter. The goal is to send a strong message about what work means for young people with disabilities, and to let others know that that young people with disabilities are ready to work, are good workers, and are great for businesses and other employers.

The process is simple:

  1. Download and print the #Work4LifeIN card: #Work4LifeIN (11x 8.5) or #Work4LifeIN (14x8.5)
  2. Dress for success!
  3. Finish the sentence to include something specific to you: “I work 4 _______”.
  4. Get your camera or cell phone ready.
  5. HOLD your #Work4Life sign in front of you (inside the picture frame of your cell phone or camera).
  6. Smile.
  7. Take a photo.
  8. OR create a video, Here are some suggestions for video talking points:
    Hello my name is __________________
    I work 4 _________________________
    Please join us by posting your #Work4LifeIN video with the reason you work.
  9. Post your photo or video with your #Work4LifeIN sign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #Work4LifeIN,
  10. Share your post with friends and family.


If you have a disability and need help going to work, you may find information about Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation on our website VRS.IN.gov and Twitter @IndianaVR.