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Bureau of Child Development Services (BCDS) - First Steps

About The Central Directory

The informational needs of families, providers and others are met through a variety of resources available through the statewide central directory of early intervention. The directory includes information on First Steps early intervention services.

The central directory is a resource that is fully accessible 24 hours a day, 7days a week, to the general public and to persons with disabilities in every geographic area of the state.

What Topics are Covered?

Through the central directory, families can find information or post a question or comment on a wide range of topics such as:

  • Information about a variety of disabilities
  • First Steps early intervention services
  • Eligibility
  • Therapies including, physical, occupational and speech
  • Conferences, workshops and training events throughout the state and around the world
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Information about health and legislative issues
  • Care and treatment, including nursing services and respite care
  • Parenting Information

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