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Division of Aging/HEA No. 1391, Part II

*Please submit your comments regarding the 1391 report to DAComments@fssa.in.gov

About HEA 1391

Section 7 of House Enrolled Act No. 1391, from the Second Regular Session of the 118th General Assembly of 2014, charges the Office of the Secretary of the Family and Social Services Administration, in conjunction with the State Department of Health and the Office of Management and Budget, with providing a written report to the general assembly before October 1, 2015, in electronic format under IC 5-14-6. Such report shall include:

1) A review of all current long-term care services available in Indiana, including regulated and unregulated methods of service delivery;

2) An analysis of past policies implemented in Indiana, and other states’ approaches to serving individuals in a home- and community-based setting and in an institutional care setting more efficiently and cost-effectively through the use of emerging technologies, including telemedicine and remote patient monitoring;

3) An analysis of demographic trends by payer sources, and demand and utilization of long-term care services options statewide, and by county or other geographic setting;

4) An analysis of program and policy options for long-term care services where demand exceeds current capacity for providing the services;

5) A review of Medicaid reimbursement for skilled nursing facility care, and a determination concerning whether:

(A) The reimbursement methodology should be modified to reflect current and future care models, and

(B) Incentives should be included in reimbursement for quality care and quality outcomes.

6) An analysis of past policies in Indiana and other states’ approaches to manage construction of additional skilled nursing facilities, including certificates of need and moratoria. The analysis must include the following:

(A) The costs and benefits to Indiana’s budget and the Medicaid program in whether or not additional skilled nursing facilities are built, including the impact on Medicaid utilization for skilled nursing services; and

(B) The impact of additional skilled nursing facilities on the availability and cost of capital for the renovation and new construction of skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities and other senior housing options.

In conducting the reports required by Section 7, the office of the Secretary of Family and Social Services shall collaborate with the following:

(1) An academic institution researching the areas described;

(2) Consumer advocacy organizations representing the individuals who receive long-term care services;

(3) Indiana Area Agencies on Aging;

(4) Representatives of the following:

(a) Nursing facilities;

(b) Assisted living facilities;

(c) Home health care agencies;

(d) Hospitals; and

(e) Any other long-term care services providers.

To meet this mandate, the Family and Social Services Administration of Indiana has formed a work group of representatives from the State Department of Health, the Office of Management and Budget and FSSA’s Division of Aging to develop this report.

Update 3

Please see the most recent draft of the 1391 Report, dated 6/15/15:
HEA 1391 Task Force draft 6/15/15 (7/9/15)

Update 2

After receiving comments last month from the HEA 1391 Task Force on its initial very rough draft of the report due next fall to the General Assembly, the Division of Aging has just released its second draft of the HEA 1391 report. You are invited to read the draft in its entirety along with the attachments. At this point, we’re looking for input on 1) whether the questions posed to us are being correctly and adequately addressed, 2) other research and information sources, and 3) places in which we need more data/details. Please note we’re really focusing on content right now rather than looking for sentence structure or grammar errors. Public testimonies provided earlier in the year are attached; we will be addressing those issues in the next draft which will be released May 18, 2015.

Update 1

In the interest of receiving input from all interested stakeholders, the FSSA HEA 1391 Task Force held public hearings at Indiana Government Center South on February 24 and 25, 2015. To read about the hearings, including stakeholders’ testimony, please see the following links: