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Employers across the country report that they are often overwhelmed by stacks of applications for only a handful of open positions. Sifting through these applications is time-consuming and inefficient. You need a way to quickly pinpoint individuals with essential, verifiable workplace skills. The (NCRC™) is your solution.

The National Career Readiness Certificate, via ACTs WorkKeys testing, helps employers identify whether individuals possess the skills commonly associated with success when entering employment, advancing to a new position, or starting a training program. The credential confirms the relationship between an individual's skills and skill levels associated with on-the-job performance set by the employer.

Four certificate levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) differentiate skill levels among individuals. Higher levels of certificates signify readiness for a wider range of jobs. Certificates are issued to individuals who successfully complete the following three work-related assessments:


Eastern Indiana WorkOne is at the forefront of matching workforce development efforts with private sector needs. We are the only region in the state of Indiana that is part of ACTs pilot program called ACT Work Ready Community (WRC). This program empowers states, regions and counties with data, process and tools that drive economic growth. Participants are leveraging the NCRC to measure and close the skills gap. More than 50 Eastern Indiana employers currently support this initiative.


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