SWIC: Career Counseling Taskforce

Past Meetings

May 03, 2017

March 28, 2017


  • Review utilization of ICE and recommend ways to increase usage
  • Review data from completed ICE assessments to determine if student interest matches employer demand.  Recommend solutions in areas where there is a mismatch
  • Review graduation plan completion rate in ICE. Determine if current graduation plan is sufficient to adequately prompt students to learn about various career paths. Recommend solutions where needed
  • Review other resources available through the ICE vendor to determine value, if any, to Indiana


Chair: Mayor Blair Milo


  • Caryl Auslander
  • Patrick Biggerstaff
  • Andrew Bradley
  • Randall Collins
  • Matt Fleck
  • Jeanne Fredericks
  • Gary Hobbs
  • Kay Johnson
  • Amy Marsh
  • Kevin McDonough
  • Katie Preston
  • Sean Tierney
  • Angie Vaughn
  • Greg Vollmer
  • Stephanie Wells

Staff: Amanda Culhan & Alishea Hawkins