Lock Joint Tube LLC
Indiana Economic Growth Region: 2
Grant Number:TAG-6-416
City:South Bend
County:St. Joseph
Grant Status:Active
Start Date:01/01/07DWD Award:$9,522.00
End Date:12/31/08Expenditures:$1,328.00
Total Enrolled:3Balance:$7,694.00
Industry: (331210) Iron and steel pipe and tube manufacturing from purchased steel
Zero credentials have been reported as completed as of November 2007
Hispanic:0Ethnicity Not Reported:0
American Indian:0
Below 12:0Higher Than 12:0
Diploma or GED:3Education Not Reported:0
16 to 25:056 to 65:0
26 to 35:166 and Older:0
36 to 45:1Age Not Reported:0
46 to 55:1
Gender Not Reported:0