2008-2009 Annual Training Report
Grantee NameGrant Number
3D Machine IncTAG-7-559
80/20, IncTAG-7-277
A-1 Production, Inc.TAG-7-648
AAR Aircraft Services - IndianapolisTAG-7-647
ABC of Indiana Apprenticeship Trust- TAG-7-158
Aces Power MarketingTAG-7-256
Acme IndustrialTAG-8-715
Adult Ed WorksTAG-DOEAEW
Aero IndustriesTAG-6-240
Ag One Coop( Harvest Land Co-Op)TAG-6-413
Agile Engineering & Manufacturing LLCTAG-7-586
Ahaus Tool & Engineering, Inc.TAG-7-597
Aisin Drivetrain IncTAG-8-384
Aisin Drivetrain IncTAG-7-384
Aisin USATAG-7-289
Alcoa-Warrick OperationsTAG-7w-403
Allied Solutions, LLC.TAG-7-620
Allied Speciality Precision, Inc.TAG-8-402
Allied Speciality Precision, Inc.TAG-6-402
Allison Transmission Inc.TAG-7-375
Allison Transmission Inc.TAG-8-375
Ambassador Steel CorporationTAG-7-617
Ambassador Steel FabricationTAG-7-680
American Health Network of INTAG-8-667
American SpiritTAG-8-734
Amps and Volts ElectricTAG-7-569
Anchor Industries Inc.TAG-7-625
Apollo Design Technology, Inc.TAG-6-377
Applied Metals & Machine WorksTAG-6-400
Aptera Software, Inc.TAG-7-593
ArcelorMittal USA Inc.TAG-7-623
Arrow Electronics TAG-8-744
Autocar, LLCTAG-6-481
B Walter and Co. IncTAG-8-783
Baxter Pharmaceutical SolutionsTAG-6-468
Belden WireTAG-7-664
Bendix Commercial Vehicle SystemsTAG-7-592
Bennington Marine GroupTAG-8-728
Berry Plastics TAG-8-326
Berry Plastics CorporationTAG-6-326
Best Chairs, IncTAG-8-793
Beta Steel Corp.TAG-6-459
Beulah, IncTAG-7-661
Bishop Steering Technology, IncTAG-8-766
Bitwise Solutions, Inc.TAG-7-653
Bloom Marketing GroupTAG-7-627
Bloomington Area Chamber of CommerceTAG-8-489
Blue River CabinetryTAG-8-794
Bluffton Motors Works LLCTAG-7-540
Bollhoff Rivnut IncTAG-7-544
Bon L ManufacturingTAG-7-246
Bottom Line Performance, Inc.TAG-8-747
BP Products North America, Inc.TAG-7-164
Brown Tool & MFG Co IncTAG-8-720
Caltherm CorporationTAG-8-683
Carlisle Brake and Friction (Motion Control Industries)TAG-6-435
Carson Manufacturing Company, Inc.TAG-6-399
CDI CorporationTAG-7-635
Centennial WirelessTAG-7-644
Centier BankTAG-8-732
Central Indiana Independent Electrical ContractorsTAG-8-726
Certainteed Corp.TAG-7-606
Charles Schwab& Co.TAG-6-517
Chester, Inc. TAG-6-260
Chrysler CorporationTAG-7-148
Clarian Health PartnersTAG-6-239
Clayton ServicesTAG-6-472
Concepts Tool and Engineering IncTAG-7-515
Consolidated Transport SystemsTAG-6-470
Continental Broadband of Indiana dba nFrameTAG-7-516
Contract Industrial ToolingTAG-8-769
Cottage Garden CollectionsTAG-6-498
Covance Central Laboratory Services, IncTAG-8-801
Creative Wood DesignTAG-7-618
Crown ESA IncTAG-8-169
Cummins IncTAG-8-286
Current Technologies TAG-7C-545
Current TechnologiesTAG-7-545
Current Technologies TAG-8-545
Current TechnologiesTAG-7B-545
Current TechnologiesTAG-7A-545
Current Technologies Computer Learning CenterTAG-8A-545
D & D Automation IncTAG-7-311
D1 Mold and Tool, LLCTAG-8-724
Deborah Wood AssociatesTAG-7-603
Decatur MoldTAG-6-383
Dekker Vacuum TechnologiesTAG-6-508
Delphi Electronics & SafetyTAG-7-156
Desktop MediaTAG-8-785
Diebold Glascock AdvertisingTAG-7-535
Dorel Juvenile Group IncTAG-8-750
Double E EnterpriseTAG-8-795
Drudge Screw ProductsTAG-7-572
DS Products IncTAG-7-572
Dugdale CommunicationsTAG-7-525
Dutchmen Mfg. Inc.TAG-6-453
Eagle Crusher Company Inc.TAG-8-735
East Side Animal HospitalTAG-6-504
Electronic Commerce, IncTAG-7-555
Electro-Spec IncTAG-8-672
Elkhart Products CorpTAG-8-722
Endress & Hauser Floute AGTAG-7-581
Essex Group, Inc.TAG-7-614
Express Manufacturing II, LLCTAG-7-223
Fairfield ManufacturingTAG-7-551
Fehrenbacher Cabinets, IncTAG-7-585
FEPCO IncTAG-8-745
Finelight d.b.a. Bloom Insurance Agency, LLCTAG-7-631
First Resource IncTAG-7-390
First Source BankTAG-6-412
Form Wood Industries, IncTAG-8-788
Fort Wayne Metals ResearchTAG-7-657
Fort Wayne Public TransportationTAG-7-658
Fort Wayne Structural Products CorporationTAG-8-784
French Lick ResortTAG-8-343
Frontline Logic Inc.TAG-7-335
Future Tool & Engr. Co.TAG-8-796
Gas America Services, Inc.TAG-7-574
Gaylor Inc.TAG-8-472
Gaylor, IncTAG-6-474
Gecom IncTAG-7-442
General MotorsTAG-7-332
General Motors Indianapolis StampingTAG-8-374
General Motors PowertrainTAG-8-290
General ProductsTAG-6-397
General Sheet Metal Works IncTAG-7-536
Gibson Teldata Inc.TAG-5-310
Global Land Surveying LLCTAG-8-780
GM PowertrainTAG-7-374
Grabill BankTAG-7-649
Graphic PackagingTAG-7-669
Greater Terre Haute Chamber of CommerceTAG-6-420
Grote Industries IncTAG-8-787
Gunite CorporationTAG-6-401
Halo, LLCTAG-6-503
Hammond Development CorpTAG-7-645
Hammond Group, Inc.TAG-5-337
Hartzell Fan, Inc.TAG-6-378
Haynes International Inc.TAG-8-376
Heat Power EngineeringTAG-7-594
Helmer Labs IncTAG-8-759
Hill-Rom Company Inc.TAG-7-596
Hoffco/Comet Industries Inc.TAG-8-665
Holland IndustriesTAG-8-703
Home Bank SBTAG-8-755
Hoosier Tire & Rubber Corp.TAG-7-547
Horner APG LLCTAG-7-573
IAC Greencastle, LLC.TAG-7-608
Images JewelersTAG-8-702
Imaginestics LLCTAG-8-676
IMC CorpTAG-8-257
IMP Holdings LLCTAG-8-707
Impact Forge, Inc.TAG-6A-367
Index CorporationTAG-6-500
Indiana Automotive FastnersTAG-7-591
Indiana Business Diversity CouncilTAG-7-411
Indiana Construction Education CouncilTAG-7-452
Indiana Health Care AssociationTAG-6-389
Indiana Lumbermens MutalTAG-6-488
Indiana Mills & Mfg., Inc.TAG-7-639
Indiana Professional Management GroupTAG-7-587
Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing PartnershipTAG-8-717
Industrial Training Alliance - KokomoTAG-8K-102
Indy Lighting IncTAG-7-556
Information Systems Experts, LLCTAG-6-393
Ingersoll RandTAG-8-743
Ingram Book Group IncTAG-7-531
INTAT PrecisionTAG-6-369
INTAT Precision Inc.TAG-8-369
Interlocal AssociationTAG-5-11
Inwood Office FurnitureTAG-8-733
Ivy Tech Community Colleg Walesboro/Columbus Consortium TAG-8L-102
Ivy Tech Community College of IndianaTAG-7-102
Ivy Tech Community College/Wayne County Tool ConsortiumTAG-8C-102
Ivy Tech Community College-Madison/MSI consortiumTAG-8M-102
J E Shekell, Inc.TAG-7-624
J H Rudolph and Co Inc.TAG-8-701
Jackson County IDCTAG-7-469
Jackson County IDCTAG-7A-469
Jasper Engine & TransmissionTAG-7-395
Jasper Engines Exchange Inc.TAG-8-395
JD Byrider of IndianaTAG-7-282
Jeffboat LLCTAG-7-368
Jofco, Inc.TAG-7-636
K & L Machine and Manufacturing IncTAG-6-428
Kamaya, Inc.TAG-7-152
Kendon CorporationTAG-6-422
King Industrial Corp.TAG-8-749
King Systems CorporationTAG-6-433
Kiwanis InternationalTAG-7-537
Kokomo SHRM Consortium/Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana KokomoTAG-7K-102
Kroger Limited Partnership II d.b.a. Peyton's NorthernTAG-7-595
KSM Business Services (The Care Group)IWT-4-233
Lafayette West LafayetteTAG-7A-550
Lafayette West Lafayette TAG-8-550
Lakeland Skilled Nursing & RehabTAG-6-475
LaPorte Regional Health ServicesTAG-7-560
LaPorte Savings BankTAG-7-600
Lock Joint Tube LLCTAG-6-416
Logikos IncTAG-7-227
Lucent Polymers IncTAG-8-338
M. C. Aluminum America, Inc.TAG-6-382
MA Metal CoTAG-6-372
Mack Tool and EngineeringTAG-8-789
Magna Machine and ToolTAG-8-757
Magnetech Industrial ServicesTAG-7-613
Main Street Power Mail IncTAG-7-538
Manar, Inc.TAG-7-604
Manar, Inc.TAG-8-604
Manchester Metals LLCTAG-7-616
Maple TrainingTAG-8B-460
Maple TrainingTAG-8D-460
Maple TrainingTAG-8-460
Maple TrainingTAG-8C-460
Maple TrainingTAG-8E-460
MAPP\Plastics Manufacturing AllianceTAG-7-390
MAPP\Plastics Manufacturing AllianceTAG-6-390
Marbach Brady & Weaver Inc.TAG-7-598
Marion Tool and DieTAG-6-482
Master Roll MfgsTAG-8-714
Masterbrand Cabinet, Inc.TAG-8-712
Matrixx Group IncTAG-7-549
Matthews International CorpTAG-8-708
McShanes IncTAG-6-514
MD Strum Housing ServicesTAG-8-756
Med Venture Technology IncTAG-8-751
Metal Technologies, Inc.TAG-6-512
Metal Technologies, Inc.TAG-6A-386
Metal Technologies, Inc.TAG-6-386
Methodist Hospital IncTAG-8-730
Micropulse IncTAG-8-782
Mid States Tool and Machine IncTAG-8-706
Midwest Electric CompanyTAG-7-524
Millennium Tool IncTAG-8-681
Millers Health SystemsTAG-8-552
Miller's Health Systems Inc.TAG-7-552
Modern Door CorporationTAG-7-654
Monteith Tire Co. Inc.TAG-7-638
Moore Engineers PCTAG-8-767
Morrison Kattman Menze IncTAG-8-668
Moss Construction Cost ManagementTAG-7-521
Motion Control IndustriesTAG-5-306
MPI FineblankingTAG-7-298
MSKTD & AssociatesTAG-7-583
Mulzer Crushed Stone IncTAG-8-677
MWM Acoustics, LLCTAG-6-526
Nanco Uniform ManufactureTAG-8-792
National Recreation SystemsTAG-8-779
Nexus Valve, IncTAG-8-705
NIBCO, Inc.TAG-8-174
Nickell Moulding CompanyTAG-8-776
Nightingale Home Healthcare, Inc.TAG-7-280
Noble IndustriesTAG-6-385
Norco Industries TAG-8-723
North American GreenTAG-6-446
Norton Packaging IncTAG-7-601
Oak View Tooling, Inc.TAG-7-406
OFS Brands Holding Inc.TAG-7-611
OJI Intertech IncTAG-8-777
OMI IndustriesTAG-8-725
O'Neal Steel IncTAG-7-247
Online ArchitectureTAG-7-582
Ottenweller CompanyTAG-6-456
Our Sunday Visitor, IncTAG-7-602
Overton & Sons Tool and Die Co.TAG-8-746
Paoli, IncTAG-8-738
Paragon Medical IncTAG-6-409
Parker Hannifan CorporationTAG-6-275
Parker Hannifin CorporationTAG-7-275
Parrish/Meyer Machine, Inc.TAG-7-414
Peak Enterprise SolutionsTAG-8-774
Pearson EducationTAG-8-167
Pearson EducationTAG-6-167
Pentair Water FiltrationTAG-8-729
Pepsi AmericasTAG-5-323
Perpetual Technologies, Inc.TAG-7-605
Personix TAG-7-621
Philips Products IncTAG-7-301
Piezotech, LLCTAG-8-114
Plymouth Economic DevelopmentTAG-7-610
Polygon CompanyTAG-7-599
Polyone CorporationTAG-7-630
Porter Engineered Systems, Inc.TAG-6-180
Pratt CorpTAG-8-764
Pridgeon & Clay, IncTAG-6-443
Primex Plastics CorporationTAG-7-642
Productivity Strategies & Solutions Inc.TAG-7-662
Prompt Medical TransportationTAG-6-458
Proxurve Solutions IncTAG-8-758
Pyromation IncTAG-6-450
QTR, IncTAG-8-772
Quest Environmental & Safety Products, Inc.TAG-8-748
R & D Mold and Engineering IncTAG-8-727
R & D Wire, IncTAG-7-543
Red GoldTAG-7-302
Reel Time Logistics, Inc.TAG-7-609
Reike CorporationTAG-6-418
Renaissance Publishing Company, LLCTAG-7-274
Rescott, LLCTAG-7-655
Ritron, Inc.IWT-5-270
Rochester Telephone CompanyTAG-7-548
Rolls Royce TAG-8-363
Rolls RoyceTAG-7-363
Royal Outdoor Products Inc.TAG-7-659
RP Global Technology SolutionsTAG-7-570
Ryobi Diecasting (USA) Inc.TAG-7-172
Sacoma InternationalTAG-8-768
Safe Sitter IncTAG-7-523
Schafer Gear Works IncTAG-7-195
Scott BrassTAG-7-519
Service Steel Framing IncTAG-7-563
Shelby County Lifelong LearningTAG-5-197
Sherry Laboratories IndianaTAG-8-771
Shuttleworth, Inc.TAG-8-731
Sibley Machine and Foundry CorpTAG-8-497
Sigma Theta Tau InternationalTAG-7-622
Signal LearningTAG-6-252
Signal Learning Center, Inc.TAG-7-252
SIHO TAG-8-760
SIRVA Worldwide, IncTAG-8-799
Sky Cylinder Testing, Inc.TAG-7-637
Smart LLCTAG-8-773
Smithville Telephone CoTAG-8-763
Sonoco Flexible PackagingTAG-6-373
Sony DADCTAG-6-417
Source One SolutionsTAG-8-370
Source One SolutionsTAG-6-370
South Bend Medical FoundationTAG-6-495
Specialty Heat TreatingTAG-8-713
St Joseph Regional Medical CenterTAG-7-580
St. Joseph HospitalWDF-8-242
St. Joseph Hospital & Health CenterTAG-6-242
Star Technology IncTAG-8-781
Steel Parts Manufacturing IncTAG-8-790
Steel Warehouse CompanyTAG-6-431
Steuben Fabricating & EngineeringTAG-8-740
Stranco IncTAG-7-571
Sun CommunicationsTAG-8-791
Symmetry Medical OthyTAG-7-410
Symmetry Medical OthyTAG-6-410
Tegrant Corporation ThermoSafe BrandsTAG-7-520
The Ebiz Shop LLCTAG-7-663
The Inventure Group, IncTAG-8-770
The Mitchel GroupTAG-8-704
TI Group Automotive SystemsTAG-7-522
Tippmann SportsTAG-6-479
Trim-A-Door Inc.TAG-7-650
Triple Point ConsultingTAG-8-761
Truck City of Gary Inc.TAG-6-346
Truck EngineeringTAG-8-741
Tru-Flex Metal Hose Corp.TAG-7-629
TrustBearer LabsTAG-8-778
Tulip Tree Health Services of Gibson CountyTAG-8-775
Tyson FoodsTAG-6-491
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.TAG-7-626
Union HospitalTAG-6-191
Unity Physicians GroupTAG-8-786
Universal BearingsTAG-7-577
Universal Forest ProductsTAG-6-473
Univertical Chemical CorporationTAG-7A-619
Univertical CorporationTAG-7-634
Utilimaster CorporationTAG-8-798
Vectren CorporationTAG-7-628
Vestil Manufacturing Corp.TAG-7-588
VPS ArchitectsTAG-7-576
Wabash National CorpTAG-8-235
Wabash SteelTAG-7-584
Walerko Tool & EngineeringTAG-7-518
Wayne Combustion SystemTAG-7-567
Weaver PopcornTAG-7-329
Western Consolidated TechnologiesTAG-7-615
Whirlpool CorporationTAG-8-800
White Electric Designs CorpTAG-7-589
Whitney Tool Company Inc.TAG-8-736
Williams Electronics LLCTAG-8-541
Williams Electronics LLCTAG-7-541
Wolf Detroit Envelope CompanyTAG-8-455
Wolf EnvelopeTAG-6-455
Woodlawn HospitalTAG-6-496
Woodruff CorporationTAG-7-646
Woodwind and Brasswind (Musician's Friend Inc.)TAG-7-579
Workforce Development GroupTAG-8E-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7G-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-8A-546
Workforce Development Group TAG-8D-546
Workforce Development Group TAG-7H-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7B-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7C-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7E-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7F-546
Workforce Development Group TAG-8C-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-7D-546
Workforce Development GroupTAG-8B-546
Workforce Network, IncTAG-7-656
Zimmer Paper ProductsTAG-5-296
Zimmer, Inc.TAG-8-398
Zimmer, Inc.TAG-6-398