SWIC & ICC Joint Meeting 9/17/15

Joint Meeting of State Workforce Innovation
Council and Indiana Career Council
September 17, 2015, Noon – 2:30 PM
Indiana Government Center South, Conference Room B
302 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46204


I. Call to Order/Roll Call/Welcome and Introductions

Paul Perkins, Chair

II: Approval of Minutes

  • SWIC Minutes, July 23, 2015
    Paul Perkins, Chair 
  • ICC Minutes, June 15, 2015
    Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann

III: Public Comment Period*

IV: Career Council Overview - Presentation

Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann

V: SWIC Update

Paul Perkins, Chair

VI: National Governors Association - Presentation

Stephen Parker, Legislative Director for the Education and Workforce Committee for the National Governors Association

VII: DWD Update

Steve Braun, DWD Commissioner

VIII: Adjournment

*Public comments will be limited to two minutes per individual. Members of the public that wish to make a comment during the public comment period must sign in prior to the Call to Order, indicating their name and the organization they represent (if any). A Public Comment Sign-In Sheet will be available at least 30 minutes prior to the meeting in the meeting room.


Next SWIC Meeting

November 19, 2015, 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Indiana Government Center South, Conference Room A