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DWD > Employer Self-Service > Uplink Employer Self Service Tutorials Uplink Employer Self Service Tutorials

By selecting a tab below you can view short videos and find additional information to help you become familiar with Uplink Employer Self Service (ESS) online account access.

Through Uplink Employer Self Service, you now have access to enhanced services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New features in Uplink allow you to do the following activities on-line:

  • Register as a new employer
  • Maintain unemployment insurance account information
  • Review account status information
  • Submit quarterly unemployment insurance contribution reports
  • Make payments by e-check and credit card

To access a video tutorial to assist you with the Uplink Employer Self Service registration process please select the appropriate link below:

  • Click here to view the New Employer Registration tutorial. This video will take you through the process necessary to obtain a new State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) account number and create online access for you in Uplink Employer Self Service. You will immediately receive your SUTA account number and be able to log into the system to begin filing quarterly reports and making payments.

  • Click here if you are a new agent and need to register for an account with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. You will complete the Uplink online registration process and be assigned your agent number. Once your employer customers have assigned you as their agent in Uplink, you will be able to receive their account correspondence, access their accounts, and provide services for your customers.

  • Click here if you are an existing employer or agent and already have a SUTA account or an agent account and learn how to create your Uplink Employer Self Service User ID and password. After completing the registration process you can log into Uplink at any time and review or modify your account information. You can also file your quarterly reports and make payments online.

  • Click here to access Uplink Employer Self Service and begin your registration process.

Text versions of the videos listed above are available by clicking the links below:

This video will allow you to view the process necessary to submit your contribution (UC1) and wage (UC5) reports using Uplink Employer Self Service.

  • Click here to view a video providing information for quarterly contribution and wage reporting.

  • Click here to view a text version of the Quarterly Reporting ESS Tutorial.

  • Link to Instructions for Uploading Quarterly Wage Files

You can easily make a payment for your SUTA account online using Uplink Employer Self Service.

Payments may be made through ESS by using a credit or debit card or through electronic checking. A payment voucher is available for printing and submitting with your payment if you prefer to use the regular mail-in process.

  • Click here to view a video on the payment process in Uplink Employer Self Service.
  • Click here to view a text version of the Make a Payment ESS Tutorial.

As an Employer you can use the Large Scale Employer Separations (LSES) feature in Uplink to help your employees receive their unemployment benefits more quickly and with less paperwork.

  • Click here to view the video for Large Scale Employer Separations.

  • Click here to view a text version of the Large Scale Employer Separations Tutorial.

How does LSES work?

You can establish an online profile for each period of layoff or shutdown through Uplink Employer Self Service (ESS) as follows:

  • Sign on to Uplink ESS and download a list of the employees listed on your most recent wage report.
  • Select each potentially laid off employee and enter the amount of any deductible income to be paid to that employee (vacation pay, holiday pay, etc.).
  • DWD will not need to send you paperwork for each employee you lay off when you use LSES.

When your employee files a claim:

  • All data items associated with the layoff, such as last day worked, date wages payable to, the amount of any deductible income, and all employer data will pre-fill for your employee.
  • Only the variable data associated with the claim will need to be entered.
  • DWD will use this information to make a timely eligibility determination on the claim.

Advantages for you:

  • You will not receive literally hundreds of individual requests for earnings verification. Using the online application will be simpler and easier for you, since you will only need to select employees from your wage report and add any income information.

Advantages for your employees:

  • A significant reduction in wait time prior to drawing unemployment benefits because much, if not all, of the information needed to issue a decision on your employees’ claims will be verified by you prior to your employee filing a claim. This will allow for smoother claims activity for you and your employees during times of major layoffs.

    When working in Uplink Employer Self Service, you should check the information listed in the Profile Maintenance section to confirm that all of your account information is correct. You have the ability to make immediate updates to your account for employer legal information (address changes), adding or editing responsible parties, adding additional business locations, adding or editing business contact information, and assigning agents for benefits and/or tax correspondence. Please be aware that:

    • Information for existing SUTA account holders has been imported from our previous system and it should be reviewed for accuracy.
    • If you created a new SUTA account, this information was entered during your Uplink ESS registration process.

    The User Maintenance section of Uplink allows you to add internal account users (those within your business) and grant external account authorizations (for agents). User Maintenance also allows you to change your password at any time.

    • Click here to view the video on Profile and User Maintenance.

    • Click here to view a text version of the Profile and User Maintenance Tutorial.

    Uplink Employer Self Service allows you to manage your account and respond to your former employees’ benefit claims by completing the fact finding process online.

    • Click here to view the video on Employer Fact Finding

    The tutorial for Profile and User Maintenance provides useful information for assigning an agent or granting an external account authorization. This tutorial can be accessed under the Account Maintenance tab.

    If you are a new employer registering for a SUTA account number you will be able to assign your agent as follows:

    • During the registration process you have the option to assign a Correspondence Agent. You can choose your agent's name from the searchable list and indicate which type of correspondence you want them to receive: Benefits or Tax. When selecting from the agent list, be careful to make sure it is the correct listing. There are often agents with the same name but a different location, or with a similar name.

    • If you do not have an agent please click the ‘Next’ button on the Assign Correspondence Agent page during your registration process to access the next screen and continue with your new account registration.

    For existing employers you can add a new Correspondence Agent, or edit your current one(s) by clicking on the Assign Agents item on the Profile Maintenance menu.

    For both new and existing account holders an external authorization may be given to your agent. This allows access to your account at a level of security set by you. There are several levels available ranging from view-only to full administrator access. Follow the steps below to add an external user to your account:

    • Click on User Maintenance on the Uplink ESS navigation menu.
    • Click on 'Add' on the right side of the External Account Authorizations (Agents) title bar (second section).
    • A search may be done to locate your agent or their name may be entered manually in the text box. Please be sure to enter the correct information.
    • The Authorization Level must be set to allow access to your account. By using the list arrow and making the appropriate selection you can choose which level of activity you want your agent to have to be able to complete activities for your Uplink ESS account.
    • You must put a check mark in the Important Information box to indicate you have read the information and that you are a responsible party for your account.

    If you need to edit your External Authorized User or delete them from your account, you can make those changes from the User Maintenance screen.

    When navigating to an internet webpage, or viewing a video tutorial, use the 'Back' button to return to this site.

    Listed below are links to additional information about Uplink Employer Self Service and Large Scale Employer Separations: