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Summit Equestrian Center

Allison Wheaton
10808 LaCabreah Lane
Fort Wayne

Summit Equestrian Center is a equine therapies organization that works toward improving the whole person physically and emotionally. We have developed veteran specific programming to help build connected relationships, create purpose and fulfillment through working with horses. Our riding program teaches skills while building core strength & providing whole body stretching. We then venture out and take the horses for trail rides outside our facility. We have taken in a couple of previously untouched mustangs that are the base of our horsemanship program. The opportunity to gentle and train mustangs creates opportunities to talk about coping skills for our own anxiety and PTSD without having to speak directly about our experiences. Helping these horses to function in the world of man is very captivating and motivates people to get up and come back to the barn, often when little else does. Summit Equestrian provides opportunity to rediscover ourselves though working and helping horses.
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