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Indiana University Bloomington

John Summerlot
900 E. 7th St., Room M084
(812) 856-1985

If you are a veteran, current service member, or immediate family member of someone serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, then Indiana University Bloomington Veterans Support Services is here to assist you with pursuing your educational goals. Whether you are applying, arriving, already on campus, or coming back, we are here help. Our primary mission is to support you through to graduation. Often times it isn't easy to make a career change, let alone navigate the transition between the military and college. Our job is to help you stay on track, draw on all of your skills, and maximize your educational benefits. Our office and lounge space are here to serve as a launching pad for your IU experience and whatever your academic and co-curricular interests might be. The veterans, service members, and military connected students that are served by Veterans Support Services are a diverse community of experiences, backgrounds, demographics, interests, majors, and ideas.
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