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Symmetry Medical Inc

Symmetry Medical

Kay Kelly
486 W 350 N

Symmetry Medical is a leading global source of innovative medical device solutions, including orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, and sterilization cases and trays. As an equal opportunity employer, our approximately 2,400 Teammates provide design, development and worldwide production capabilities for these products to customers in the orthopedic industry, other medical device markets, and specialized non-healthcare markets. Symmetry's trusted reputation and brands, broad Intellectual Property portfolio and commitment to innovation enable it to collaborate with hundreds of global medical device manufacturers as well as thousands of hospitals to provide solutions for today's needs and tomorrow's growth.

By working directly with you throughout the product design and development process, our innovative talented team of researchers, engineers and developers make your needs our needs ... all with exceptional results.

With an impressive global footprint and world-class services, Symmetry Medical is the one source for Total Solutions.

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