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SteadyServ Technologies LLC

Steady Serv

Bill Carson
12758 Hamilton Crossing Blvd.

SteadyServ's iKeg system is an Internet of Things-based solution that streamlines the supply chain for the beer industry.  The company has invented a revolutionary combination of M2M hardware and SaaS software which solves a critical problem in this industry; having real time intelligence on how much beer is needed, of what type or style and when exactly it will be needed by the retailer.  For the first time ever, the draft beer inventory and ordering supply chain that exists between retailers and distributors can be effectively managed using smart phones.  Retailers and distributors participating in the nearly $100 billion a year on-premise beer industry (beer sold in restaurants, bars and taverns) can see exactly what order flows look like and where there are critical shortages or excess supply and make adjustments in real time through a single, simple to use mobile portal
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