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Meridian Wildlife Services LLC


Bill Roberts
17 N. Franklin St
(215) 510-6091

Do you enjoy the “thrill of the chase?” Are you looking for a way to get paid for doing something you enjoy as much as a hobby? How about a part-time job that will make you the most interesting person at Thanksgiving Dinner? Yes, this position is for real. This unique job solves a major health and safety issue for many grocery and big box retailers. Our technicians love what they do. Our patent pending process enables you to be the expert problem solver for the nation’s top retail brands. The ideal candidate will demonstrate: * The ability to initiate contact with people they have not met, as well as gaining trust and credibility * A passion for problem solving in a methodical manner as they gather information and analyze the environment * An efficiency with resources including time, equipment, and profitability * Patience and persistence to see a job through to completion * Great initiative and self starting ability, as they will often work independently * Flexibility – in the lack of definitive work available, length of projects, and the fact that birds just do not keep to a specific schedule If you read the above and said “that’s me!” then we encourage you to apply today.
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