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Enjet Aero

Enjet Aero

Jeremy Warne
Human Resources Manager
501 S. Airport St.
Terre Haute, IN 47803
812-917-5571 ext2003

Enjet is a newly formed engine parts manufacturer comprised of Enjet, H&H Aero, Metal Spinners, Jet Engine Technology and JWS/Stark Industries. Enjet combines literally centuries of experience in the manufacturing of critical machined and fabricated parts with an operating structure tailor-made for today’s unprecedented demand for aircraft engines.

Our leadership team met years ago while working at another aviation company. They formed an instant bond, each appreciating the others level of experience, depth of knowledge, and passion for the industry. When they formed Enjet, it was with one goal in mind; to build a great business that is known as a leader in the aerospace industry.

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