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Early Learning Indiana

Early Learning Indiana

Bridgetta Bullock
615 N Alabama St  Suite 300

Early Learning Indiana is a provider of and an advocate for high-quality early learning education in Indiana. Established as Day Nursery more than 100 years ago, our roots in Indiana run deep. But over time, the scope of our work changed and we changed our name to Early Learning Indiana in September 2014 to reflect that change.

Over the past century, we built a reputation as Central Indiana's top non-profit provider of child care and education. In the next, we plan to lead the way in making high-quality early learning opportunities accessible and affordable for all Hoosier children.

How will we do it? By providing excellent care and education at our Day Early Learning Centers. By providing referrals to parents, and training and other resources to child care providers throughout Indiana. And by being a leader, advocate, and partner in advancing policies that transform the early learning landscape in Indiana for the better.

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