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Custom Concrete Co

Custom Concrete Co

Brent Sweeney
Onboarding & Talent Manager
17241 Foundation Parkway
W (317) 399-2382
C (317 519-5045

Custom Concrete has been creating foundations for the finest homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities throughout Central Indiana since 1969. Builders, contractors and homeowners depend on our expertise because so much depends on getting it right.

Our knowledge and control of all aspects of the job - from excavation to waterproofing to backfill - means that extra value is built into every foundation.

We understand budgets and building codes because we specialize in foundations for residential, commercial and multifamily construction. We also understand that once a foundation is built, it will affect the quality and livability of the structure forever.

On every job - we go the extra mile. Codes don't drive our business, excellence does.

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