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Caregan Transport

Caregan Transport

Deborah Bolin
320 N 8TH ST
(765) 969-0697

Caregan Transport is family owned and operated with a small fleet made up of 50, 2007 or newer Freightliner tractors and 250, 53-foot dry box van trailers. We are located and based in Richmond, Indiana. Some of our larger customers are manufacturers of insulation, paper rolls, corrugate, beverages, and auto parts, as well as plastics. We have a diversified customer base, so we don’t ever have a “dry spell”. We can provide you with as many miles or loads (allowed by the law) that you express you would like to run. The majority of our loads are east of the Rocky Mountains. The most common shippers we have are in Richmond, Indianapolis and the Toledo, Ohio areas. We will dispatch you out of these areas with customer freight. We also have dropped trailers around the country to minimize your loading and unloading times. We have several other shippers scattered across the country. If you end up delivering in one of those areas, we will reload you out of there, otherwise; we use brokers to get you a load coming back. One of the best things you will notice being employed by Caregan Transport; you are MORE than a unit number! You are an important part of our growing team with a name and family. We have a close relationship with each and every driver. Some drivers have been with us for over 15 years. We are small enough to be personal, yet large enough to meet your needs.

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