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Cardinal Elements Inc

Carindal Elements

Mary Ann Wietbrock RN MSN
102 Grandy Dr Suite 106

Do you struggle with weight, bad knees, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure? Are you on multiple medications? Do you have pain, trouble sleeping, or bad digestion? This Weight Loss Program is 100% covered by your Veterans medical insurance. No Co-Pay, No Deductible, No Fees. No Bills. A referral is required from your primary care doctor. Contact your primary care team today. This Weight Loss Coach promotes one individual at a time to reduce heart attack, stroke, and cancers. Losing pounds, body fat, and inches can improve your overall health. This weight loss program helps to reduce obesity, lower blood pressures, and reduce diabetes. This nutrition and fitness plan is still effective at 6 months. Clients enjoy having more energy with less headaches, asthma, heart diseases, arthritis, and stomach problems like diverticulitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Located at 102 Granby Dr. Suite 106 Cumberland IN 46229. Contact, testimonials, and more info Choose the private weight loss studio or Telehealth using your personal computer or phone. Computer sessions are face to face so you can discuss in the privacy of your home or office. The Cardinal Elements Weight Loss Studio is open with full safety precautions to keep you safe. Private sessions available by appointment only with safety precautions taken for your safety.

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