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Bowen Center

Bowen Center

Lanie Hodgson

2621 E. Jefferson Street

Warsaw, IN


574-267-7169 ext. 3074

Bowen Center is the largest Community Mental Health Center in Indiana. We are in the process of moving into more integrated, holistic care model in the next few months and are hoping to serve even more of our clients with different types of needs. We work with a range of populations and diagnoses within our offices, within our county schools, and within our client's homes. We serve over 21 counties and growing rapidly in North Eastern Indiana. We have Brick and Mortar Outpatient Office buildings in Marshall, Kosciusko, Noble, LaGrange, Steuben, DeKalb, Whitley, Allen, Huntington, and Wabash counties. The rest of the areas we serve are completely mobile and operate out of community resources. We also have an Inpatient Unit, Transitional Living Facilities, a Substance Abuse Recovery Center, and more. As Team Bowen, we pride ourselves on mission-driven individuals who share our passion for helping others better function in today's society. As we are a Mental Health/Behavioral Health based company - we do have a lot of other departments that are not clinically-based positions. We offer administrative positions, IT positions, business development positions, human resources positions, and more. Please feel free to reach out to Lanie Hodgson, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at the Bowen Center for further questions about the positions, qualifications, etc. We look forward to hearing from you!

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