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Ameriflight LLC


Shirley Church
1515 West 20th Street
DFW Airport
(818) 319-9088

Ameriflight is the industry’s premier air logistics solution, providing unparalleled service and value for customers, the highest dedication to safety, and a passion for excellence reflected in our workforce.

Ameriflight, LLC, and our subsidiary Wiggins Airways form the largest airline operating under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. We serve major international integrators, manufacturers and freight forwarders throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Ameriflight is UPS’ largest feeder operator. We are DHL’s largest domestic feeder operator and a significant service provider for FedEx. In addition to small-feeder operations, we transport products used for medical imaging for two of the world’s largest manufacturers. Combined, Ameriflight and Wiggins operate 215 aircraft over 100,000 hours per year, crewed and supported by a talented and dedicated team of employees.

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