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This page contains resources that your organization can use to support, assist, and advocate for the Indiana veteran community and their families. This valuable information communicates how Indiana veterans who are facing financial hardships can access emergency assistance.

We invite you to use the materials below to help promote the program to your organization’s members and stakeholders.

Email to Stakeholders:

Simply copy and paste the email copy below for use in outreach with your stakeholders.

Subject: Are you and Indiana Veteran in need of financial assistance?

Dear: [ Name],

If you are an Indiana veteran facing a financial hardship that also affects your family members, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded the eligibility of the Military Family Relief Fund—MFRF—to Hoosier veterans and their families across the state by offering an emergency financial assistance fund.

The MFRF is focused on ensuring Indiana veterans and the Indiana service community can have access to emergency financial assistance which provides up to $2,500 to cover their most central and basic needs:

  • Housing (rent / Mortgage)
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Current Medical Expenses
  • Transportation (vehicle payment/basic emergency repairs /insurance)

Additionally, we encourage all Indiana veterans to contact their local County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO). The CVSO is an essential, local expert on state and federal veteran benefits and can provide valuable information on how to access these many programs.

To learn more about the Military Family Relief fund, see if you qualify for assistance, and locate your local CVSO, please visit

Suggested Social Media Copy:

Use the copy below and provided social media graphics to communicate the MFRF program benefits on your social media platforms.

Military Family Relief Fund

Financial Assistance for Military Veterans: The Military Family Relief fund offers emergency grants for veterans and their dependent family members experiencing financial hardship. To see if you qualify visit

Social Media Graphics. Right-click to download the image. Images should link to

Social Media Graphics: 1080 x 1920

The following social media graphics are best used as Instagram and Facebook Stories




Social Media Graphics: 1080 x 1080

The following social media graphics are best used on Instagram and Facebook.




Social Media Graphics: 1200 x 675

The following social media graphics are best used on Twitter.




Program Information Flyer:

Download and use the information flyer to provide an overview of the Military Family Relief Fund.

Program Information Table Tent:

Download and print the 8.5 x 11 two-sided table tent to raise awareness of the MFRF. Instructions are included on how to fold and tape the table tent to provide valuable program information for an information desk, check-in table or dining area settings.

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