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Who you help

Indiana veteran’s and their families.  Widows of veterans.  Financial hardship can strike at any moment. Veteran’s can turn to the MFRF for financial assistance and a network of other benefits that they may need.

How you help

The MFRF assists with the essential household needs that have become too expensive to afford.  You help veterans avoid eviction and foreclosure on their homes.  You keep utilities from being disconnected.  You put food on a family’s table. You keep a family’s vehicle from being repossessed so the breadwinner can continue to work or get to their doctors’ appointments.

Success Stories

We received a call in the dead of winter from a veteran whose power had been disconnected.  He was at the local library with his 2 children so they could do their schoolwork and stay warm.  He was advised to apply and within a few hours the money to reconnect his power was pledged and his power was restored.

A widow with 5 children was referred to the MFRF after she lost her husband.  We were able to assist with all her outstanding bills.  We worked with the federal VA to  move her husband’s VA Comp claim forward.  She was award back pay for the benefit as well as monthly compensation to raise her kids.  And because her husband now has a disability percentage her kids may be eligible for college benefits.

An elderly man was behind on his rent and was due to be evicted from his apartment in 3 days.  The MFRF team worked with his family to process his application quickly to keep him in his home.

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