Certifying Official Resources



            Certifying official guide

            VA Once Guidance        

            VA Once

            Yellow Ribbon Program


            WAVE:  On line Verification of attendance, Chapters 30, 32, 35,

                           1606, 1607, VRAP

                                Phone in: 1-877-823-2378


            Deemed Approved Modification forms sent directly to Federal VA

             (do not include the NCD programs) 

                        VA Forms: (Instructions & Certifications for Modification)




NCD & Non-Accredited IHL:    

            Certifying official guide

            VA Once Guidance

            VA Once  


            SAA NCD Modification Form 

                              Mail to: Indiana State Approving Agency

                                           Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs

                                           402 West Washington St Room W-469

                                           Indianapolis, IN 46204

                              Fax:  317-234-8744                                           



            OJT/APP Workflow 

            Monthly Training Record

            Monthly Certification form, MUST BE SIGNED BY AUTHORIZED


                        SAA Form

                        VA form 22-8563d1: Only mailed to Veteran

            Deemed Approved Modification form:

                        VA Form 


The VA Form 22-1999 sides A and B are considered controlled items and can only be given to the certifying official either through Federal VA or the State Approving Agency.