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This page is under construction and will contain files that are no longer active or more than one year old.
If you need a certain file for the Metric Standard Drawings , please let us know. We do have backup copies of old files and we might have what you are looking for. If we do, we will post them immediately on this page for others to use.

Please contact Maan Omran at (317) 233-2097 or Anthony Uremovich (317) 232-6775 to request the archived files. We need to know the title and the date the drawing was approved.

Effective Between September1, 2000 and December, 31 2000

Effective Between May 2000 and August 2000

Effective Between January 2000 and April 2000

Effective Between September 1 and December 31, 1999

Effective Between May 1 and August 31, 1999

Old Metric Standard Drawing

Old Metric Standard Drawing Index, effective for letting between: