Bridge Inspection

There are more than 18,900 bridges in Indiana. INDOT owns and maintains more than 5,600 of these bridges, with a total surface area of more than 50 million square feet. The Bridge Inspection Office is the source for bridge inventory and inspection data for both state-owned and county-owned owned bridges in Indiana. The office oversees all aspects of the bridge inspection process to ensure the State and counties meet all federal regulations relating to the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS).

The State and counties must meet all the federal regulations, including NBIS regulations, in order to remain eligible to receive federal bridge funds needed to conduct work on eligible bridges.

In addition, the section oversees all bridge inspectors’ qualifications & training, INDOT statewide inspection contracts, and INDOT’s underbridge inspection machines.

INDOT - Bridge Inspection Workshop 2018

The INDOT - Bridge Inspection Workshop is scheduled for February 6, 2018 at the Indiana Government Center South, Conference Rooms A & B. Follow the link to register. NOTE: Parking will be limited so plan to arrive early.

INDOT - Workshop Agenda

INDOT - Workshop Registration

INDOT - Bridge Inspection Workshop 2018

Welcome Andrew Fitzgerald
Assessment of Bridges Subjected to Vehicular Collison Dr. Ashley Thrall & Yao Wang
23 Metric Update Jose Ortiz, FHWA
S-BRITE Bridge Inspection Certification for INDOT Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections and Implementing Effective Retrofits for Select Steel Bridge Details Dr. Robert Connor
INDOT Safety Program Steve Harmon
Introduction to Extended Frequency Bridge Inspection Procedures Randy Strain
Updates to INDOT Load Rating Policy Jeremy Hunter & Sean Hankins
Workshop 2018 Bill Dittrich
BIAS Updates Andrew Fitzgerald & Kate Francis

INDOT Bridge Inspection Conference 2017

FHWA NBIS 23 Metric Compliance Review Jose J. Ortiz
QA/QC Program Review Findings John Lukac
Bridge File for NBIS Bill Dittrich
BIAS Under Records Bill Dittrich
BrR and Load Rating Policy Jeremy Hunter
INDOT Test Bridge and Channel Profile Form in BIAS Randy Strain
BIAS Updates Kate Francis and Mona Davis
Bridge Inspection Issues Merril Dougherty
S-BRITE - Robert Connor Purdue Merril Dougherty

National Bridge Inspection Report (NBI)

The Bridge Inspection Office is responsible for generating and submitting Indiana’s annual submission of bridge data to the Federal Highway Administration, (FHWA). The FHWA uses this data to maintain its National Bridge Inventory database, (NBI). Indiana’s NBI Data is submitted by April 1st each year and contains updated inspection and inventory information on all bridges. The information from this data submittal is used by the FHWA to determine sufficiency ratings, structural adequacy, and eligibility to use Federal Bridge Funds.

Indiana Bridge Inspection Application System (BIAS)

Indiana Bridge Inspection Application System (BIAS)

BIAS User Information

For questions or to create a BIAS account, contact

    • Required for all BIAS users
  • Qualifying Form
    • The document submittal process to be considered by the State Program Manager for approval of a New Bridge Inspector (Team Leader or Member) or New Load Rating Engineer (“LRE” – Previously known as “ATL-R”) and for a change in status for an existing Team Leader, Member, or LRE is as follows:
      • All pertinent documents must be secured
        • Applicant’s Completed Qualifying Form (Required for Inspectors and LRE)
        • Applicant’s Certifications as outlined in the INDOT Inspection Manual (Required for Inspectors and LRE)
        • Applicant’s Indiana Professional Engineering License. (Required for LRE and Team Leaders without 5 years’ experience)
        • Applicant’s load rating software proficiencies and list of bridges load rated in both pristine & dilapidated conditions. (Required for LRE)
      • If the applicant already has a BIAS account, the applicant or the Consultant Admin representing the applicant’s Firm will upload the pertinent documents to BIAS and email following email instructions outlined in Bridge Inspection Memo 16-11.
      • If the applicant does NOT have a BIAS account and does not have a Consultant Admin representing the applicant’s Firm, email pertinent documents directly to following email instructions outlined in Bridge Inspection Memo 16-11.  A BIAS Account will be created for them.

BIAS and Bridge File Instructions

  • INDOT As-Built Record Book (Contract Number Required)

  • Bridge Inspection Documents

    Bridge Inspection Committee

    Bridge Inspection Memos

    Subscribe to the County Bridges - Bridge Inspections Announcements listserv to receive automatic notification of changes concerning bridge inspection & updates to the Indiana Bridge Inspection Application System (BIAS). Please note that all BIAS users are automatically subscribed to the County Bridges - Bridge Inspection Announcements listserv. Subscribe to the listserv   here
    Last Updated: 05/02/2018
    Memo Date
    Effective Date
    Rev. 01/30/2018
    Rev. 04/27/2018
    August 1, 2018
    Bridge File Documents
    February 6, 2018
    Bridge Inspection Extended Frequency Policy

    Archived Bridge Inspection Memos

    Inventory of Bridges Book

    The Inventory of Bridges Book, Bridge Log Book or Posted Bridge Book is no longer published. The last paper version was printed in March 2005.

    Today, the Inventory is available using the Bridge Inspection Application System (BIAS). This is the live database which is continuously updated. A paper work book is no longer available.                            

    If you need assistance in developing Query’s in BIAS to assist you in locating specific Structures or details, please email the INBridges Help Desk at                 


    Contact Information

    Andrew Fitzgerald
    Bridge Inspection Manager
    Indiana Department of Transportation
    100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 642
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    Phone: (317) 232-0913