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Pay Items List/Unit Price Summaries

INDOT — Pay Items List/Unit Price Summaries

Requests for new pay items should be submitted to prior to stage 3 plans.  All requests for new unique pay items must include the applicable standard specification reference, a copy of the special provision, and plan details where applicable.

For contracts on or after September 1, 2021

Unit Price Summaries

These unit price summaries contain the high, low and average unit bid prices for every pay item included in an awarded INDOT Project during the prior year.  All prices were taken from the low bid for each Contract.  Items that have not been used in the prior year will not appear in these summaries.



If you have any questions regarding unit prices or if you need a unit prices for any item not included in these catalogs please contact:

Contact INDOT
Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
Construction Cost Division
(855) 463-6848

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