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Completing an Indiana Tax Return

Nine Steps to Completing an Indiana Tax Return

  1. IRS Return: Complete a federal return.*
  2. State Residency: Determine the state residency and filing status of the taxpayer
  3. Choose a Form: Choose the proper tax form.
  4. Fill Out Form: Refer to the tax booklets and their indices to complete the forms.
  5. Enclose Documents: Enclose the state copies of the W-2 forms and 1099s (if filing by paper).
  6. Sign & Date: Have the taxpayer sign and date the tax return. For joint returns, both the taxpayer and the spouse must sign it.
  7. Include Phone Number: Include the taxpayer’s phone number. Without this information, the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) may have to send a letter instead of making a phone call, which can slow the taxpayer’s refund.
  8. Include SSN on Payments: Be sure the taxpayer writes his or her Social Security number on the check or money order he or she will submit to DOR if the taxpayer is not paying online or by phone.
  9. Mail Form: If filing by paper, select the correct label and place it on the envelope.

* If the taxpayer is not required to file a federal return, he or she may still be required to file an Indiana return. An Indiana resident is not required to file an Indiana individual income tax return if the taxpayer’s gross income is less than the total exemptions.


If mailing a tax return, please do not staple or clip any of the information together.

Include all documents loose in the envelope. Stapling or clipping the tax return and additional materials can slow the return’s process and possibly delay customer's refund.

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