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Consents to Transfer

Individuals Dying Before January 1, 2013

Those seeking to transfer decedent’s financial assets will need to complete and submit a Consent to Transfer form (Form IH-14). (Some financial institutions call this form a “tax waiver”, Indiana’s form is the “Consent to Transfer” form. The County Assessor’s Office will review the forms submitted, and if everything is in order, grant their consent to transfer the asset. Please keep in mind that the County Assessor’s consent is not automatic. One Consent to Transfer can be used if there are multiple accounts with the same financial institution.

This requirement does not apply to individuals who were not residing in Indiana at the time of his or her death. A Consent to Transfer is not required if the surviving spouse of the decedent is the only joint owner or the surviving spouse is the sole designated beneficiary of a financial account. If the financial account is a checking account you can use a Notice of Intended Transfer of Checking Account (Form IH-19).

The following representatives and individuals should complete and sign the Consent to Transfer form for these types of financial accounts:

Type of Financial Account Representative or Individual
Solely owned by the decedent Personal Representative or Executor of the decedent’s estate
Jointly owned Each surviving joint owner
Asset owned by decedent’s trust or trust is beneficiary of the account Trustee of the trust
Designated beneficiary(ies) Each payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) beneficiary

For more information check out the instructions for the Consent to Transfer form or contact the department by email or call 317-232-2154.

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