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Electronic Warrant Exchange Implementation Guide

Welcome to the online site for information on the electronic exchange of tax warrants between the State of Indiana and the county clerks, sheriffs, attorneys and collection agencies. You will be able to access specifications from this site required to program for the electronic exchange of warrants.
By utilizing this service you will be able to:

  • Post warrants to your existing systems eliminating the time necessary to type in the information by data entry
  • Have the data exchange scheduled, allowing you to receive warrants and updates to existing warrants on known days and times
  • Save the time of the paper mail system
  • Save the cost of returning paper warrants and vouchers via the mail system

For the detailed materials and further information about this initiative, click the appropriate link below.

If you have already signed up for this program and have technical questions, contact:

Sandy Mowery 
Information Technologies Division

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