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Use INTIME to Check Your Refund Status


March 22, 2023

Remember to wait two to three weeks before inquiring about the status of your refund – some returns may take longer due to factors like return errors or incomplete information.

DOR recommends using INTIME, the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine, to check the status of your refund. This e-services portal is available 24/7 and does not require an INTIME logon to complete this task. Information is available from 2017 to the current tax year.

To request your refund status:

  • Access INTIME and select ‘Where’s my refund?’
  • Select SSN or ITIN and enter your corresponding ID.
  • Enter the tax year for which you are requesting the refund status.
  • Enter the refund amount from your individual tax return which can be found on:
    • Line 21 of your IT-40 Individual Income Tax Return Form.
    • Line 21 of your IT-40PNR Part-Year or Full-Year Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return Form.
    • Line 10 of your IT-40RNR Reciprocal Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return Form.

Every return is screened to protect taxpayer identities and refunds. You can rest assured that DOR is processing your return and refund as quickly as possible while ensuring your information is accurate and safe.

Once a direct deposit is initiated, DOR’s system will reflect the date it was processed. Normally, it takes seven business days for your financial institution to receive and process the funds.

Avoid common mistakes that could delay your tax refund by triple checking your tax return before transmitting or mailing to DOR:

  1. Be mindful of miscalculations – placing information on the wrong line, transposing digits in Social Security numbers or using an incorrect SSN for a dependent.
  2. Claiming credits incorrectly or not including the right documentation means your paper or electronic return will have to be processed manually or placed on hold until you can provide more information. Review what your tax professional or tax software provider includes with your completed tax return to see if there are any forms or documents you need to mail to DOR.
  3. If you filed electronically, do not mail a copy of your tax return unless DOR contacts you to request it. Duplicate returns cause further delays in the refund process. If you are amending a tax return, check the appropriate box on the form to indicate that you previously filed a tax return for that year.
  4. DOR’s systems scan barcodes on forms and payment vouchers for faster processing. Use 2022 individual income tax forms and do not block out any barcodes on forms or vouchers, including those with your name on them.
  5. Don’t forget to sign your tax return. If you paper-file, you (and your spouse, if filing jointly) need to sign where indicated on the back of the Form IT-40. Choose direct deposit for your tax refund to avoid a lost check in the mail and double-check the routing and account numbers for your financial institution.

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